After the Fall

Three hundred years ago, the world of Ahnyir forever changed, as a cataclysm of untold proportions rolled across the planet.

Everywhere, suddenly, the ground fell.

For miles it traveled downwards. Mountain ranges collapsed upon each other like playing cards carelessly tossed to the floor. Lakes and oceans boiled, draining through enormous cracks in the earth’s crust. Deserts turned to massive clouds of sand, choking out all light and air. Plains and forests tumbled in upon themselves, grinding all life into dust. Through this terror and cacophony, the worst still remained: a seemingly never ending hoard of demonic warriors began to swarm over the landscape, destroying anything and everything that endured.

Yet, life remains.

You come from one of the many outposts, cities, and civilizations that have grown up in the time since The Fall. Some started as small villages of people, saved by valiant and heroic acts. Others survived through heroic divine or arcane powers. Still others survived from sheer luck alone. New societies have emerged, formed in the crucible of The Trials following The Fall. Even though the wild beasts, demons, and other and terrors have been thrust back from civilized lands, those lands remain small. The uncontrolled, vastly unexplored terrain beyond each civilization’s borders contains deadly perils. Yet, with certainty, out there lies the answer to the question: what caused The Fall.

As descendents of those who survived The Fall, the task falls to you to discover this final truth. Whether for personal power, glory, or the protection of your family, city, or tribe, this common, burning desire lies in all people of this era.

Shall you take up the challenge?

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After the Fall

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