Bardic Octahedron (Common)

This small smooth stone is wrapped and labeled next to dozens more like it.


This lesser form of a Bardic Octahedron acts as a storage mechanism for Bardic Octahedron records copied onto it. It cannot, by itself, play back the illusion; it is only a storage device. A common stone may only be copied to once, but will store the illusion for playback until destroyed.

Common Bardic Octahedron costs vary by quality and recording time.

Simple: suitable for playback in a personal Bardbox.
Improved: suitable for playing back in a 10 foot by 10 foot area; common with inns, small theaters, and small stage houses.
Perfect: Able to reproduce crystal clear images of any size, limited only by the Bardic Performer.

Per 10 minutes of Illusionary Recording: 5gp

Quality Multiplier
Simple x1
Improved x10
Perfect x100

This is the average price for a Bardic Octahedron that already has a recording on it. Empty, unused stones cost half the price. (Likewise, popular stones may have a markup.)


Bardic Octahedron (Common)

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