Bardic Octahedron Duplicator

A device to create a copy of the record on a Bardic Octahedron


The device hums and shudders for a moment, then lies silent; another duplicate of the stone has been made.

Seekers worldwide record their adventures using Bardic Octahedroms. Seeker Managers everywhere then publish these adventures with an Octahedron Duplicator.

By putting a Bardic Octahedron into the device, the information can be copied to another Bardic Octahedron. This clone of the illusion is nearly perfect, only minor artifacts introduced. These artifacts become worse if the copy is copied, and repeatedly worse after that. After four to five clones, image and sound becomes heavily distorted. Any further cloning and the recording becomes worthless.

Cost: 120,000 gp


Bardic Octahedron Duplicator

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