Bardic Performer

This arcane device illuminates the stage with scenes of fierce battle, cunning romamce, and daring adventure.


A bardic Performer can project a scene recorded on a Bardic Octahedron onto a nearby platform. The sights and sounds from the recording come to life in the projected area.

The performer can have one Bardic Octahedron playing, plus one queued for playing for every 10,000 gp cost of the Performer (minimum 1.)

It takes a UMD check (DC 10) to queue or play a stone.

A Bardic Performer, when first set up and them periodically afterwards (usually once a month,) must be aligned to its stage. It takes 1 hour and a DC 20 Use Magic Device check to align the Performer to a stage.


(Width of display area in feet * length of display area in feet) * 1000 gp.


Bardic Performer

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