Alignment LG
Population 132,000 persons (55% Human, 21% half Elf, 8 % Elf, 13% halfling, 3% other
Primary Towns Shinlia, Meadioa, Sriini, Aieria

“Do Not Fear!”
– Common warm greeting


Aesthenia, the golden jewel of Ahnyir.

No place can claim the level of security, comfort, and joy that the peoples of Aesthenia have. Compared to the other civilizations of the planet, Aesthens spend their days learning, thinking, and otherwise enjoying life. The Shared Soul—a psionic link between every member of the society—ensures it. As such, psionics play an ever present part of life in Aestheniea. The vast majority of the population expresses some form of latent or trained psionic potential, and use those powers to help make life easy for all within the society.


Thanks to the Shared Soul, anyone can recall any event any member of the civilization experienced. During The Fall, a group of scared refugees, fleeing from certain death at the hands of the abyssal hoards ran until they could no more. Surrounded, the people dropped to their knees, praying for a solution; all hope seemed lost. At the final moment before their destruction, five glowing entities appeared. Using vastly powerful psionic abilities, the newcomers drove back the demons, saving the people. They introduced themselves as Veerian, Yarasi, Thelonis, Irigas, and Liadonia of the Divyin, a group of beings dedicated to protecting the innocent.

“With your help,” they announced, “together, we can defeat the demons and bring sanity to the Fallow once again.” The people were encouraged, but not entirely swayed. “As you have so agreed, swear to us your support, and we shall teach you to use the powers of your mind. Together, we are stronger than any foe.” This convinced more townsfolk, but some still remained skeptical: after all, why would the Divyin not use that power for their own purposes? Veerian, the strongest of the Divyin, then said, “Do not fear; I shall share with all of you my power. As pure energy, I shall bind us all together. No one shall go against another, for all will feel the sadness of loss and all will feel the joy of recovery. Accept me, not as a deity, not as a power to worship, but as a lifelong friend, trusted colleague, and worthy brother. As one, we can defeat any foe that challenges us!” Teary eyed, even the the youngest and the most frightened agreed. Veerian’s energy then separated itself out into the crowd, instilling in each of them a portion of his power, and of his psyche. At that moment, they realized the true intentions of the Divyin, and from then on, have supported them whenever possible.

Daily Life

Aesthenia has more gardens, resorts, relaxation areas, and other means of recreation than any other civilization since the Fall. Aesthenians do not take pride in this (not that they aren’t proud), but simply consider it an important part of daily life; for what is life if it can’t be enjoyed? People work diligently during their required hours, but most of that involves the control of psionic tools, meaning very few do any actual real manual labor. Even the rare few from Aesthenia that do not labor long each day; every member of society happily pitches in to help the less abled or fortunate.

Everyone with even an ounce of psionic potential in Aesthenia bind themselves to the Shared Soul. This shared source of knowledge, history, and power lets even the weakest of manifesters do tasks that would make experienced psionists collapse. It doesn’t just store information and power: it can transmit it, too. Information travel isn’t instantaneous, but it’s significantly faster than by person. The Shared Soul links every person to every other. People can gleam the general emotional state, and if willing, transmit their state of being (which is considered good manners to do so.) Intent, purpose, and reasons transmit nearly automatically. With some effort and concentration, it can be used as communication medium. Everyone always feels the general emotional state of the collective. When someone feels down, trapped, or alone the Shared Soul causes any people nearby feel it too, so they can share their feeling with person suffering to help them through their problem. This effect allows the society to self regulate: the feeling of relief and happiness when people resolve suffering spreads everywhere, encouraging good behavior in every citizen.

The towns and villages of Aesthenia have no walls, no towers, no great vantage points;
Aesthenia protections come only from the Divyin. The power of Aesthenia’s people protect it, alone. Aesthenia boasts one of the largest populations of any civilization after The Fall, in large part due to the undeniable protection that the Divyin and Shared Soul provide. Manifesting great, defensive abilities beyond the capabilities of mere mortals has become so routine to Aesthenians that most don’t even flinch when word of a demon surge spreads through the soul.

The Guardians are never seen face to face. They have the ability to tap into the Shared Soul to gain bonus power and temporarily boost their power pool. This lets them, in times of great need, draw upon the collective power of their ancestors and fellow living members of society to perform great feats of psionics.

The Divyin can tap upon this great joint psychic power in times of need, to manifest extremely powerful abilities beyond the keen of most mortals. Lastly, Shared Soul contains the minds of all the departed of Aesthenia. They guide and influence the living. You lose your individuality, but gain immortality and the wisdom of all the formerly living. They call this Passing.


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