Aligent LN.
Population 87,000 persons (66% half-elf (elfish), 12% human, 1% elf, 21% other)
National symbol A hand, palm raised, white lighting cracking around it, upon a royal blue field marked by gray accents.
Major locations Aglenoia, Lundland, Amesia, New Seville
Leadership The Grand Wizard and members of the 9th Circle

Aglenon is the most well known but most secretive nation on Ahnyir. Made up of mostly wizards and other arcane casters, magic of all forms permeates their society. The people of Aglenon fear little more than each other from their high, mobile vantage point of the Cloud Colonies.


Agle of the Shocking Hand founded the nation. During The Fall he sacrificed his life to save the small town surrounding his tower. His power created a permanent floating island centered on his tower, which became known as Anglonia, and the foundation of one of the new powers in the world. As his dying request, Agle asked his apprentice, Ames of the Lund, to study magic, grow in the knowledge, and discover what happened to the world to cause this cataclysm. Ames appeared to the villagers, and proclaimed himself the first mayor (and eventually renamed the position first Grand Wizard) of a new nation, named in honor of his mentor.

As the settlement grew, Ames worked with a group of strong wizards known as the Three to build a stable society for their people.

The first was Silonos of the Hillen, a Human wizard of great talents. Silonos’s visage is imprinted into every building he designed so that none would ever forget his contribution to Aglenon. Silonos designed many of the main towers of Aglenoia, and codified many of the thousands of research policies for Circle wizards.

Second was Tandom of the Iron Weavers, male elf skilled in the art of research and craft. He rediscovered many of the forgecrafting techniques used today to create magic items for trade. Tandom is the last of the Four to still live today, and is the current Grand Wizard of Aglenon. Despite receiving regular challenges from younger wizards, and his incredible old age, Tandom still gratefully accepts each one, and then defeats them usually in the first round.

The third, Thrieko of the Morning Song, was a half elf of great passion. She was the public face of Aglenon during her reign, and negotiated many of the contracts with the nations of Ahnyir, her level headed arguments always bringing out the best in all around her. She believed that arcane power could be enhanced by the use of emotion, and experimented greatly with this in all areas. She developed many new magical techniques and metamagic powers, teaching them to anyone and everyone who would listen. Unfortunately, with no heirs of her own, her apprentices inherited and then splintered her house after her death. Despite her teachings of peace and understanding, they still fight covertly with each other to this day.


Aglenians continue their search for knowledge, power, and the cause of The Fall. This task consumes most of the population of the Cloud Colonies in one way or another. Ever since The Accord, Aglenon has slowly opened itself up to outsiders. A nation once extremely fearful and closed, almost 10% of the population of the Cloud Colonies are now made up of non-citizens, almost entirely from the Seekers Mercenary Corps.


The citizens of the Cloud Colonies believe in the Wizard’s Rights. The laws of Aglenon derive entirely from the Pact of Ames and the Laws of the Four, established shortly after The Fall.

The Pact of Ames states that:

Only controllers of the powers of the Arcane have the power to rule.

Furthermore, the Laws of the Four define the basic rights for society in Aglenon:

  • Citizens of Aglenon have the right to life, safety, and study.
  • Additionally, Wizards have the right to alter the world.
  • A Wizard is always the superior to a citizen.
  • A Wizard is the superior of another if their mastery of the arcane surpasses them.
  • Wizards are ranked by their spell casting level abilities into circles.
  • Non-lethal Wizard’s duels determine your standing in a circle.
  • The most powerful Wizard shall rule over all, but by consensus of those of the highest circle.
  • All resources belong to all wizards, but shared according to skill.

Those with arcane powers are known as Wizards of the Circles, and make up approximately 30% of the population of Aglenon. Citizen without wizardly powers have limited rights. In many respects, the rights of all non Wizards parallel indentured servants. Approximately 60% of the population are citizens. The final group of people are outsiders. Begrudgingly accepted due to their agreements in The Accord


In Aglenon, all those on the island legitimately are marked with a small arcane symbol identifying them as legal residents of Aglenon. These were designed by Ames after a group of refugees managed to sneak aboard early in history of the Island, and he could not discern, at a glance, who they were. Citizens use this mark for all manner of trade and commerce on the island, for access to secure locations, and most usefully, for basic communication. Basic versions of the mark enables the wearer to use the spell Message as a spell-like ability 3 times a day. More elaborate marks let you use it more often. Range is as normal outside of Aglenon, but while on the Cloud Colonies, the range of this spell-like ability is extended to anywhere on the islands.

This arcane mark uniquely identifies every person in the nation, and its presentation may be demanded at almost any time by someone with greater authority than you. When the mark is viewed with the spell Detect Magic, information about the person (Name, Race, Titles, Circles, and Occupation are standard, but others may be present such as criminal record or honors, as deemed necessary by courts and standards.)

These marks also link to the central bank on the island. Due to the large amounts of money that wizards often must trade for their work, they decided early on that an impartial third party keeping track of the money would help avoid unwanted losses. Silonos opened the first Vautrilum. All transactions are done via the marks – earnings or debts all are handled only via the marks. Coin and valuables can be exchanged for credit at any

“Guests” (of any kind) receive temporary symbols, documenting their status on the island. To be on any of the Cloud Colony islands without the symbol is a high offense punishable by death, and if that person represents (or can be linked to) any nation, it could be considered an act of war. Guest marks have expiration dates. When a mark has less than one week of time left, it begins to feel warm to the touch, and with 24 hours remaining, it begins to fade.


Aglenian relations with the Aglenian Casualties Seekers guild is one of mutual mistrust but understanding. Aglenians (often rightly so) view Seekers as miscreant, reckless, dangerous, misguided, poorly trained, and uncontrollable power that happens to be a very handy source of labor. Whenever an Aglenian researcher needs a new batch of test subj…er…volunteers, or a dangerous (but promising!) find appears during a survey, Seekers make for handy, disposable labor. Paid only if they succeed their missions, they tend to bend to the whims of the most powerful wizards on the cloud colonies.

The Schedule of Courses

As per the Aglenian Accords, Aglenon publishes the general route that the colonies will travel. Aside from a few requirements about frequency of visits to the major Accord signatories, the wizards of the 9th circle determine most of the cloud colonies’ routes. They publish the general course to major destinations up to three years in advance, but are often decided even longer before that. The specifics of these courses are rarely fixed. The Fallow so frequently creates disturbances or opportunities that determining the course intermediate points are often deferred until mere weeks or in the case of requests from wealthy and powerful, days before arrival.

The rarest course schedule made is the full stop. In the history of Aglenon, only two such events have been recorded: one, when brokering the Aglenian Accord with the Asthenians, and two, during the defense of Forgren from the 13 Years Invasion from the Daemonic Fleet.

Political Factions

House Hillen

House Hillen is descended from the first Human wizard of the island: Silonos of the Hillen, a great architect, engineer, and law writer. The Hillen have great power and standing, and maintain a strong belief in human purity. They still control the Vaitrilum, despite numerous takeover attempts by competing houses and have the highest percentage of seats of any house in all but the 9th Circle. Walof Agle of the Hillen currently presides over the 9th circle, second only to the Grand Wizard. Their private libraries contain some of the rarest and most complete works of pre-fall literature, science, and technology. To say that House Hillen has an impact on politics in the Cloud Colonies simply misses the point: the two entwine like a braid, each supporting and supported by the other.

House Hillen considers their pure human racial heritage an important advantage over their competitors. Rivals with greater amounts of elven blood in their veins have plans that last longer than any one Hillen can live…but human perseverance and their family’s brilliant heritage let them continue to gain more power despite the age-long schemes of their competitors. They don’t consider themselves superior than other races; instead, the rather strict rules on racial purity come from a dozen generations of evidence that human tenacity can overcome any adversity or adversary. They also don’t consider other races  (at least, publicly) inherently below or worse than humans, but rather less competitive in the politics of The Circles.

Circle Roven


The Cloud Colonies have grown since its inception. The magic to levitate the great island of Aglenoia has not yet been reproduced, but the Circle has successfully added three new, smaller islands since then. Lundland,

Aside from the major islands the cloud colonies sports hundreds of other floating islands of various sizes owned by numerous factions powerful individuals. Not all of these islands are true islands, nor are they all necessarily governed by Aglenon’s laws and circles.


The crown jewel of Aglenon and the home of most Wizards of the Pact. The massive island has four square miles of surface space, dwarfing all other islands. Aside from several well regulated parks, the surface bristles with ivory towers, smoking magical forges, and grand auditoriums. Below the surface lies massive storage facilities for supplies, research facilities. Homes for the less influential fill the lower half of the nearly mile deep island. Villas dot all around the exterior of the island’s underside, giving incredible vantage points for those who can afford it…or win it with raw power.

Almost without exception, only citizens are allowed on this island. The rare guest that appears on Aglenoia may find themselves caged, trapped, and killed by the many magical traps and devices if they wander too far from their escorts.


The first island added after the Fall, Lundland is home to the most powerful wizards of the, stays afloat due to a device Lund invented himself: “Floatbeads” – tens of thousands of small pebbles with permanency levitate, tied to various points on the island.


New Seville

Part of the Aglenian Accord required that Aglenon provide a place for non-citizens to reside. The main islands all refused to seat any accord members, so Jarrad of Rend—then Head Quartermaster of Aglenon—organized a hasty levitation plan to create a new island, named Seville. They named the new island after the Chief architect of the Accord from Aesthenia as a calculated sign of humility. After Seville crashed into Jaegergnarl territory (all hands aboard presumably lost or eaten) and a hasty execution of Jarrad, the leaders of the Circles commissioned Gregor Ironsmelter of the Faldir to design a structure that could withstand whatever the Fallow could throw at them (and, privately, the abuse from its tenants.)

Gregor required the island be made from a single, massive block of stone extracted from Faldir’s famed Elemandrorm. This gave New Seville over a square mile of surface space.


After the Fall Glav