Character Creation


After the Fall is played using the Pathfinder ruleset. The following books and options are legal for play. No “optional” rules are allowed unless explicitly stated.

  • Pathfinder Core rulebook
  • Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Ultimate Combat


Allowed races are Dwarf, Elf , Elfish, Gnome, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Human, Jaeger, Mul, Orc, Orcish.

Character Origins

Ahnyir is a world in turmoil. There are a dozen of so well known societies that survived the Fall, and if players identify with one or more of them, they are encouraged to pick that as their homeland. Each surviving civilization is bound to have a diverse culture of survivors and other outsiders that live in the (relative) safety of the Fallow in the outskirts of these civilizations, each of which might have significantly different opinions and beliefs that could also be their origin location.

Alternatively, the player may be from a place as of yet undiscovered or ignored by the larger nations. The societies from lesser known areas are likely scavangers, traders, and nomads. Many fewer come from trading outposts, villages, and other permanent locations (due to the Fallow’s tendency to disrupt and destroy less prepared settlements), but even in the chaos of the Fallow an occasional pocket of stability appears.


Character statistics are chosen using the Pathfinder Core point buy system, with a 15 point buy. No player may start with a stat higher than 16 or below 8 after racial modifiers.

Additional Features

Every character may pick two traits (see APG) for their starting character in addition to normal starting feats. One must be an After the Fall specific racial, civilization, tribe, or order trait.

Heratige Bonus

Essentially all living humanoids after the Fall are descended from someone that had something extraordinary about them, whether it be strength, foresight, or simply luck. As a result, at 2nd level and every 4 levels after, your character receives a +1 inherant bonus to one stat to a maximum of +5 at level 18.

Before character creation, each player rolls 1D6 to discover their bloodline racial bonus. This stat must not be one that is affected by a racial bonus; if it is, players must re-roll.

1: Str
2: Dex
3: Con
4: Int
5: Wis
6: Cha

Character Creation

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