Untamed chaos wastes.

Unparalleled mesmerizing fields.

Vast, lush forests.

Lost riches, artifacts, horrors, and untold forgotten power.

Before the Fall, hundreds of millions of humanoids lived all over the surface of Ahnyir, in great cities, sprawling towns, and vast farms once touched all areas on the planet. Now the terrain is almost unchartable, regularly shifting, mesmerizing and deadly. These vast areas between settled areas takes on a strangeness and variability seen almost nowhere else. This makes life as people once new it almost impossible. Gone are the towns—most destroyed by the Fall, the remainder buried, reclaimed, or destroyed by the Fallow or the wild things that now inhabit it. The ruins that remain contain lost treasures, forgotten powers, and ancient memories.

Life in the Fallow

Plant, animal, and humanoid life still flourishes in the Fallow. Wanderers of all races and beliefs flourish here.


Aglenian Botanists have documented an ever increasing variety of plants – many with unique magical properties. Plants that grow only in moonlight, grass that grows thick and braided like rope, and flowers that spit acid at passing creatures are among the tamer varieties collected. Far more dangerous species have also been found, and mobile or flying plants are not unheard of. One fernlike plant that covers large areas of Jagergnarl land is believed to be one large, intelligent, malovent entity attempting to quash out all other lowland plants via fast mutation and vicious spore warfare.

Reports of forests and trees of all new kinds litter Aglenon’s libraries. There are trees made of dark, amber wood that grows in the presence of arcane magic (consuming it as fuel.) elsewhere, fields of mushrooms tall as wizard’s spires spring up not infrequently.


A huge diversity of animals in the Fallow have adapted to the ever changing landscape. Entire families of species have been known to spring into existance. With the vast numbers of never before seen specimen, Aglenian Zoologists have had trouble cataloging them to any extent. Creatures seen in the Fallow show diverse, seemingly sentient skill and abilities unexpected for their form. Many have physical changes to their form that deviate from similar species, but extreme variation is not uncommon even among family groups.

These changes can take on many forms. Seekers have reported oddities of almost countless variation. One squad of seekers found squirrels that squeak fireballs, huge packs of eight legged equines with blinding speed, and dozens of collosal, furry, limbless snake-like felines burrowing through the earth like they were simply breaking the surface of the water all in under an hour! The variations of insect species found since the Fall alone occupies the research of more than three spires on the Cloud Colonies.

The most commo threats in the fallow are Demons and Demon spawn. These beasts of the Abyss dot every facet of the Fallow. History books say that this is new to the era after the Fall. Rarely before did Demons have a place in the world. Now, they are the most common end to humanoids wandering these untamed lands. Aglenian researchers theorize that if it wasn’t for the incredibly unpredictable nature of the Fallow, the Demons would have overrun every major settlement on the planet by now.


Shadow Spires

More than four dozen, ten mile tall, nearly identical spires of obsidian and shadow have been mapped by navigators of the Cloud Colonies. Their role in the Fall is one of the leading debate topics in the auditoriums of Aglenoia. From all records found, these pillars did not exist before the fall. Their stark uniformity – almost a thousand feet wide at the base, climbing upwards towards the sky, with the top of each savagely destroyed by a force yet unknown. Various entrances to the spires have been spotted and documented by Aglenian researchers, but those that are sent near usually don’t return. Those few teams that that do have all been driven to an incurable insanity, each describing unique horrors and torment they incurred on their trip.

Demon Shards

Saying that some places around the Fallow are more dangerous than others is a bit of an understatement. One of the most commonly known sources of danger are items classified as Demon Shards. These shards are usually made from a dark crystal and vary in size from pebbles to colossal. How these shards work exactly is a matter of some discussion, but the behavior is well known. As living creatures approach these shards, demonic entities begin to appear – either via teleportation, or as some say, are generated on the spot. The larger the shard, the more dangerous the demon. Every adventurer in the Fallow knows how to deal with these shards: they must be destroyed by positive energy, and they must do it fast. As long as a Demon Shard senses any living being near it, demons will pour out to devour them.


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