Alignment: LN.
Population: 162,000 persons (35% human, 20% halfling, 15% goblinoid, 12% dwarf, 11% elf, 2% other)
National symbol: A rust red cauldrun spilling a golden metal.
Major cities: Rooktop, Fort Point, Farwall.
Leadership: Ruling council of The Eldest, picked by popular vote among nobles.

Bronzed, inside and out, the people of Forgren owe and pledge their lives to their forge, their country and their countrymen. Through fire and bronze, the towering walls, sprawling buildings, and fortresses made out of the country’s never ending supply of that un-tarnishable metal they set forth to tame Ahnyir again. Thick, black smoke lingers around every city, town and settlement, a testament to the progress the Forgren people have made against the Fallow that surrounds them.


During The Fall, the armies of chaos brought forth an ancient relic known as the Fabriccum Aesa – or Bronze Forge.  Captured eons ago from planes and deities long forgotten, the armies of Chaos exchanged the Fabriccum Aesa amongst themselves via brutle battles, used as tool of conquest to build armor, battlements, and other weapons of war at their bidding.  The Fabriccum Aesa provided its demonic owners with a seemingly never ending stream of a hot, steel-strong bronze-like metal.  During The Fall, (Yeaoe, Naewoe, Anewoi) the demon lord Kzak’lzrugh, the most recent owner of The Forge, brought the forge with him into battle, building and letting lose terrifying, animated war machines of all kinds.  The peoples of the southwest coast had no recourse against this onslaught – the forge’s output only grew in volume as the slaughter increased, gaining strength from the souls of the departed.

A desperate group of young wizards, to powerless to stop Kzak’lzrugh on their own, did the next best thing they could think of: bribe the demon lord’s lieutenant, Retchkel, to betray his master. With the promise of riches and power swirling in his head, Retchkel led the wizards into the demon’s main camp. After “misplacing” his master’s prized forging hammer on a walkway above the Fabriccum Aesa, the wizards and Retchkel sprung their trap. Using an ancient scroll of long forgotten power, they suppressed the demon lord’s most dangerous abilities just long enough for Retchkel to destroy the supports to the suspended walkway above the forge. Kzak’lzrugh plummeted into the forge’s caldron. Upon touching the forge’s molten contents, its power to absorb the energy of any souls immediately bound the demon, draining his immense power into the forge.


After the Fall Glav