Aligent N.
Population 58,900 persons (32% Jaeger, 55% Goblin, 3% Blue, 10% other)
Tribal symbol Side profile of a Hobgoblin’s wide, grinning face with a scar from cheek to jaw
Major locations Fort Gurren, Treghulk, Zeg’s Keep
Claimed Areas The forests and swamps of the Churning Mountains

“Pride. Life. Property. Victory.”
– the motto of the Jaegergnarl

“…in that order.”
– anonymous


Many Millennia ago a Hobgoblin nation oversaw a vast above and below ground wilderness nation, made up of swamps, forests, and mountainous regions. Though small in population compared to their adversaries, they ruthlessly killed trespassers, invaders, and wandering adventurers alike, letting the fear and uncertainty of their land keep most large invasions out. They used all tools at their disposal to do so: the forces of nature, swords of their enemies, and even their teeth, if needed. Only hobgoblins and goblin clans that had proven themselves in some way were allowed in.

This nation’s borders were patrolled and principally defended by a loose association of independent Rangers and Druids known as the Jaegergnarl. They could manage this in large part due to a prized collection of magic items that the clan had forged and/or “confiscated”. Every Ranger was allocated at least one, with the expectation that they would use it to get more, and then hand them down to their best pupils. Druids of the clan were expected to craft, but there were always far fewer Druids than Rangers. Each clan item had the clan crest (a stylized Hobgoblin face with a scar) worked into it, even captured items. It was a matter of pride to have items captured from enemy invaders used against them, and If the owner made it obvious, all the better.

The greatness of their nation was lost thousands of years ago. Greed and lethargy seeped through the clan. Master rangers would retire and hand their gear to their students, only to see it be sold or traded away. Rangers ignored their duties, allowing more and more trespassers to live. Over the centuries, the Jaegergnarl’s power, and that of it’s nation, waned. Eventually when the surrounding nations realized that the wilds were no longer a threat, they moved in – slowly at first but more over time. So few remained that the nation as it simply stopped existing, absorbed by its neighbors. The Jaegergnarl Clan still patrols the woods, but now mostly as guides and common trappers for the Gnome lords of the realm.

A few hundred years ago, some of the decendents of those Hobgoblins – the Jaeger, yearned for a revival of their ancient nation. To do that, they sent out rangers to recover the items they lost, with the intention of distributing them again to members of the clan. Of all the items, there were more and less powerful items, but there was one set that stands out: the ancient equipment that belonged to the legendary hero and founder of the original nation of the Jaegergnarl, Zaglish the Gnomicrush.

Zaglish devised the Jaegergnarl fighting style of Sword, Bow, Flail (known now as Zaglishkag, but affectionately nicknamed Slashapokinsmash), he lead a small band of Jaegergnarl in the fight that established the Hobgoblin nation’s sovereignty. Fifteen battalions of Gnomish soldiers had descended on the land to raze it to the ground (something about needing a parker’s lot my master said), but Zaglish set upon them like a bloody wind. He devastated a half dozen battalions himself, followed by goading the Gnomish general into single combat to “settle the fight”. Zaglish then betrayed the general’s trust, unleashed a rear guard of goblins to swarm the remaining soldiers and had his entire team join in slaying the enemy commander and his second.

A proud and triumphant victory.

A few decades before the Fall, one of those Jaeger rangers named Zeg did what no Jaegergnarl had done for a millennium: do what Zaglish asked of his people. At the bequest of his dying master he gathered items, artifacts, and relics of the past, slowly inspiring other Jaeger to do the same. Even though he never found Zaglish’s legendary arms and armor, he managed to gather enough power and support to reclaim their mountainous home and build a home, now known as Zeg’s Keep. Zeg’s clan and allies declared that the Jaegergnarl nation was once more a force to be reckoned with.


Due to their reclusive nature, large territory, and low population, the Jaegergnarl are more of a loose association of clans than a true nation-state. The main Jaegergnarl clans patrol their forests and mountains much as they did in ages past, living with the ever changing nature of the fallowed land.



Those who claim to be descendents of Zaglish himself.


Secretive protectors of the Three Taltles and neutral entity among the Jaeger.


Descendents of those that pledged themselves to Zeg.


Racial Relations

Most Jaeger clans have one or more subservient goblin clans that help patrol and protect their lands, but .


Fort Gurren


Zeg’s Keep


After the Fall Glav