Aligent CG.
Population 27,000 persons (21% Human, 16% Goblin, 15% Halfling, 12% half-elf (elfish), 9% Orcish, 8% Elf, 6% Dwarf, 4% Mul, 3% Hobgoblin, 2% Goliath, 1% Gnome, 1% other)
National symbol A peach Taltle on a green triangular standard
Leadership Ringmaster Halgar Vensk

Freedom, Adventure, and Legends to you!
- Standard Greeting of the Kald

The free spirited Kald live and thrive in the central continent of Ahnyir, wandering through the Fallow wherever their sense of adventure and daring allow. Stout, jovial, fearless: these traits define the Kald’s very essence.

A number of Kald reside upon the back of an enormous Fallowed Taltle, Hilth. Clever engineering and a bit of luck have made this traveling bazaar a sight all hope to see. Platforms hang precariously tied to one another, their knots needing to be regularly adjusted due to the stomping of the beast below them as sightseers, scouts, and trackers use his back as a slow moving keep. Around Hilth follows a miles long caravan of the remainder of the tent city that sets up around Hilth whenever he stops to rest.


A significant portion of the Kald scavenge to make ends meat. They occupy most days by hunting and gathering to fill the markets with food, with the occasional trinket or ancient relic coming back too. They then barter their finds for dining and entertainment. Chief among these are the Kald Collectors, the seeker guild of Kald. This club has some of the worst pay for any Seeker…usually extra meal or show tickets. Nonetheless, this almost universally poverty stricken people cherish anyone who helps contribute. As long as you contribute, you get to eat, drink and make merriment. As the evening winds down, the celebrations consisting of fights, song, and more drink. For most, only the thundering of Hilth rousing in the morning ends the nightly ritual.

A remainder of the population manages the tent city. Zoos, performance tents, restaurants, inns, bars, pubs, smoke pubs, brew pubs, public houses, brothels, any form of market or store all run highly portable tent facilities. Bards sing tales of each tent, and the song competitions weigh more heavily than the actual stock in the tent. Songs, juggling, stories, tales, pictures, scriptures, poems, interpretive dance, and even mud sculptures—anything to attract attention. All in friendly competition, of course; in the end, even the fiercest competitors drink together at the end of the day.

Most people in Kald celebrate daily through tournaments and competitions. Scores of performance tents fill the encampment. Each has a specialty act, usually based around a great warrior, spellcaster or artisan, with a cadre of apprentices and journeymen that make up the majority of each show. If there’s any form of entertainment you desire to see, there’s almost certainly a tent for it…if you can find it!


The Kald follow the leadership of the Ringmaster. This is not to say that the Ringmaster has much say in the direction Kald goes; geographically, Hilth goes where he pleases, and the Kald follow while politically, the “office” of the Ringmaster has little say in the day-to-day dealings with the Kald, except to officiate special occasions and occasionally help solve disputes. Most Kald view the office of the Ringmaster more as a formality needed when dealing with outsiders who don’t understand how they get by with unwritten rules, no military, and regular chaos around every corner.


Shows contend throughout the year to win audience favor in order to qualify for Kald’s biggest celebration: Jamboree. Jamboree occurs each year in the spring when Hilth takes an extended break (usually lasting a week or two.) Every guild and entertainer in Kald works hard to become famous enough to compete in Jamboree, for the winner of Jamboree becomes the Ringmaster of the troupe for the next year.

Current Leadership

Halgar Vensk is the current Ringmaster of Kald. A Goliath, Halgar has won Jamboree for last five years. His huge, muscled stature, monstrous jaw, and bushy red hair belie his jovial nature. His show is the pinnacle of Kald artistry. His trade: Comedic Smithing. His shows: sold out. His items: masterpieces. During the show food and wine flow, and at the end, one lucky audience member gets the new item he made…if they can beat Halgar in a wresting match!


Many from Kald worship Olidammara the god of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor, and tricks. Many others worship Kord, the god of athletics, sports, brawling, strength, and courage. A subset of Kald are Tudines, worshipers of the Great Turtle, who they believe created Hilth as an avatar of his beliefs. Many other gods are represented here; any god within one step of chaotic-good probably at least one follower in Kald. Yondalla the provider and protector has many followers among the halflings of Kald. Pelor, Corellon Larethian, Ehlonna, and Fharlanghn are also popular amongst certain races or groups.


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