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Orders and Peoples

Nations of The Aglenian Accord

The Accord

Aesthenia – Utopian Paradise guarded by the mysterious Divyin.
Aglenon – The Wizards of the Pact of Ames and the Laws of the Four.
Forgren – Defenders of the Bronzen Metropolis.
The Great Worm – A Bazaar of Traders that dwell within the bowels of a dead immortal.
Vox – A frozen citadel where the once dead walk the streets.
Xanadar – Illusionist Gnomes fighting against the Dark from within.

Non-aligned Powers

Faldir – Moradin’s Chosen, Dwarven Defenders of the deep.
Jaegergnarl – The Woodland Hobgoblins of the Far North.
Sithil’Vas – Elves that dwell within the Great Trees.

Peoples and Cultures

Kald – A large nomadic band of adventuring entertainers.
Rek-Thur – Nomadic, community oriented orcish tribes driven to exterminate demons.
Wanderers – General name for tribes and groups of people that live in the Fallow

Religious Organizations

Hellwatchers – A ruthless cult of fanatics that serve secret Demonic sources.
Tudines – The Shell Worshipers of Kald, believers in the Great Turtle of Ahnyir.

Guilds and Groups

Gulganar – Vicious Muls that trade in the misery of others.
Seekers – A freelance group of daring mercenaries, paid to salvage the ruins of the Fall, most commonly known due to their members serving aboard the Cloud Colonies.
The Endless Path – Halfling Monks bound to ancient Vows.
Pirates – Name and rest under construction.

Known Threats

Abyssal Flotilla – Demons the sea.
Fallow – All land not controlled by a power.
Tak’kugh – The demon-ruled chaos lands of the far west.
Sygnia – Hell’s outpost on Ahnyir.



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