Alignment NG.
Population 29,900 persons (76% half-orc (Orcish), 20% orc, 3% human)
Tribal symbol White cloth, blood from a demon forming a laughing visage.
Claimed Area The Sinatian Dust Expanse

“You cannot tame a mountain, you cannot quell the winds;
as long as there is land beneath my feet and breath in my lungs you will not control me.”
- Unknown Rek-Thur

“Even their toddlers know how to kill, and that’s just plain wrong if you ask me.”
- Jaelik, Traveling Human Minstrel

History of the Rek-Thur
Orcs and the oricsh are usually never considered as races that value the protection or safety of one another if it means sticking their neck out. So when the Fall occurred, a majority of the Orcish tribes splintered apart, fleeing the impending scourge of demons. The Rek-Thur did not follow suit. While other Orcish and Goblin tribes fled like cowards or submitted to demon rule, the Rek-Thur held fast.

In the deserts they moved as a solidified clan, attacking demon outposts and retreating to hidden caves when they were outmatched. In retreat, the strong carried the weak to safety, and they left none behind. In this way of guerilla warfare they alone were able to keep large contingents of demons at bay, forcing them to redirect troop movement elsewhere. The reward for the years of guerilla warfare is that they have prevented any large gathering or demon settlement from being founded in the dry desert now known as The Sinatian Dust Expanse.

They claim the Dust Expanse as their home, and any trespassers that fare in to deeply, be they demon or other, are sure to catch the attention of the Rek-Thur.

Current State of Things
From the tattered tribe of 250 the Rek-Thur have grown into a lean fighting force of just under 8,000. Although they claim all of The Wastes as their land, the Rek-Thur gather in a few shifting settlements that vary in size from 150 to 1000. This constant, secretive, mobile contingent of homes and the nature of these orcish makes a few things difficult for outsiders to understand about the Rek-Thur.

1) It is very hard to track down a Rek-Thur settlement. They are rare occurrences that can spring up one night and be gone the next, and any tent-village that a wayfarer might come across is sure to turn from trading bazaar to armed force of ashworm mounted orcish before they have time to flee.

2) It is hard to know who is in charge of the Rek-Thur at any one time. Any semblance of “rank” is based off a constant oral tradition. Demon hunting and other daring exploits are what determines an orcish’s rank in society. Such tales discussed frequently and with passion, passing from party to party and spreading throughout the Rek-Thur like wildfire. Because of this, any member that slays his first demon or his hundredth might be king for a day.

3) Since there is no actual governmental structure, the Rek-Thur are commonly thought of as savages, however, this is far from the truth. The Rek-Thur have survived in deserts and The Wastes specifically for over a thousand years (according to their oral history). Although many have not taken the time to learn to read or write, the orcish are not stupid. The hours that would have been spent on study as a child have instead been spent on perfecting their tracking of demonkin. It is often said that there is no equal to a Rek-Thur when it comes to their abilities to track down and eliminate a target.

Rek-Thur are also the only race on the planet (save some twisted demons) that know the secrets of training and rearing the dreaded Ashworms that populate The Wastes. They use this knowledge to plot and predict the movement of great Ashworms (thus avoiding them), and to train the smaller ones as mounts. Rek-Thur paladins often choose an Ashworm as their bounded mount (see below).

To protect themselves, these orcs take the fight to the demons, wherever they lie. All members of a clan take part in the hunt, save of course infants. However, from the age an orcish can lift a weapon, the Rek-Thur believe, they are ready to learn the ways of the hunt. Their tribes are known and feared for their fearsome and ruthless pursuit of demons and demonic influences. Paladins are common among the Rek-Thur, despite the otherwise chaotic nature of orcs.

Common Classes
Fighter, Paladin, Ranger.

Challenging Classes
Bard, Wizard.

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Note: a Rek-Thur paladin may choose an Ashworm as his mount at level 5 (see paladin), despite being a normally NE creature.


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