Fame and Immortality!
- Rallying cry of Seekers everywhere

The Seekers Corps are a group of mercenaries out to explore the world and become famous, powerful, and rich. Seekers come from all walks of life, and almost every nation and tribe on Ahnyir. The only prerequisite to being a Seeker is being able to sign on the dotted line (even an X will do.) Seekers are routinely sought out by the rich and powerful as cheap labor for dangerous activities – the life expectancy of a Seeker is (at latest tally) around 1 week. However, the rewards are great. Longtime seekers gain immeasurable skill, power, and prestige. The Seekers Corps has contacts with the wealthiest patrons in most every major nation, most famous being the Circles of Aglenon. For those who can survive, the overall benefits are, being modest, lucrative.

Becoming a Seeker

Recruitment offices for Seekers litter every major city on Ahnyir, and quite a few smaller outputs at least have one recruitment specialist.

Seekers sign contracts for tours of service. These contract specify how they get paid (usually a stipend, a sum per mission, and a tour completion bonus), their term of service (usually one season or until death), and pay schedule (almost always paid at the end of service.) Breaking a contract isn’t really hard to do; most have causes allowing for the subject to leave the Corps early by forfeiting all their earnings. Rarely and for well qualified applicants, signing bonuses are offered to entice them into service.


The organization of each Seeker club is quite loose. Names for positions might vary club to club, but the overall leadership looks similar. Each club has at the very least a patron, a manager, and one or more squads of seekers.


No seeker club exists without some form of patron. These individuals, societies, or governments provide a steady stream of dangerous but potentially lucrative tasks for Seekers to accomplish. Small or exclusive clubs will only have one patron, but the largest, most prestigious, and most profitable clubs may have scores of patrons, each competing for time from the best Seekers the club has to offer.


Managers of Seeker Corps clubs handle the distribution of assignments, the training of new recruits, negotiation with patrons, and the eventual disbursement of earnings. Small seeker clubs may only have a single manager, but the larger clubs have General Managers to lead the others. Managers are accountable only to the club’s patrons. As long as the patron’s needs stay met, they stay employed.

Managers are known to trade Seekers to build up squads for particular purposes, so they can be marketed as a single unit. These units are then presented to powerful patrons in bids for their patronage (and income.) The most successful General Managers have entire offices full of employees, managing contracts, scouting talent, courying favors, and trying to build the best squads to market.


Seekers are organized into units that their manager thinks will be the most successful and have the best marketing potential. Each unit is made up of three to eight individuals with complimentary powers and skills. Units are free to equip themselves and use whatever techniques they like, but over time as units become successful or renowned for their endeavors, they often become specialized. These squads see less action but almost always receive higher compensation for their expertise.


Each club has unique names, cultures, and histories. Most Seeker clubs publish their adventures, and gain a widespread following. The most successful clubs have hundreds of patrons and dozens of well trained squads.


Other than the general style of handling employees, Seeker clubs generally operate independently from one another. Large towns often have several competing seeker clubs, even covering the same area or specialties. The only real restriction for what marks a group as part of the Seeker Corps and not just another mercenary group (or group of thugs, for that matter) is their purpose: Seekers are out to discover, learn, and find lost treasure. As long as at one recognized General Manager acknowledges that the group follows the basic tenants of the Seeker Corps, they’re allowed to call themselves Seekers.

Well Known Seeker Clubs

Each of the dozens of Seeker clubs out there desire to be the most popular, most well known, and wealthiest. The best clubs shift year to year (as talent comes and goes…for whatever reason.)

The Aglenian Casualties

The Casualties are the Seeker Corps club aboard the Cloud Colonies. The Casualties are by far the largest Seeker Corps club on Ahnyir, with upwards of a thousand seekers employed at the start of every trip. Seekers that work on the Cloud Colonies face cramped conditions, unprecedented danger from their missions and Aglenian citizens, and the highest mortality rate of any Seeker club, but also the most pay, the ability to see the world, and the fame that comes with surviving a leg of the Schedule of Courses. Of all the Seeker clubs the Casualties are the most diverse and employ sentient creatures from all walks of life and parts of Ahnyir.

Forgren Ironbiters

Forgren‘s internal politics and unstable neighbors make working for the Ironbiters club a regular occurrence. Often used to supplement the legions, Ironbiters are known for their disdain for any weapon or armor not made from Forgren’s forges.


Hundreds of world famous Seekers are known in each of the various nations, but only a few are known to all.

Jarvis V. Carcivas

One of the newest Seekers, Jarvis is the General Manager every Seeker wishes to work for. Through series of acquisitions, trades, and back room deals, Jarvis lead a Coup d’├ętat against the former General Manager of the Cloud Colonies, Brundo Grovogt, and won the position with a unanimous vote from the Aglenian Circles. Jarvis has increased the profits of the Seeker Corps three fold while decreasing mortality rate an astonishing 6%.

Brundo Grovogt

Brundo Grovogt is an old, grumpy dwarf, former adventurer, former seeker, and most recently, a former Taskmaster of the Aglenian Casualties.

Randchester Thrim

Manager Thrim, or Commander Thrim as he’s known by his subordinates, is the manager in charge of the newest of the Aglenian Casualties. Gruff, callous, and often terse with his direct reports, Thrim directs new seekers to the Aglenian casualties with gusto and zeal one moment and aloof the next. Despite his outward appearance and small office, Thrim works hard to keep his new Casualties with tasks at hand, making the entire club as much money as possible with the fewest losses as possible. His track record has kept him in this position for many years, with few able to meet his record, anywhere. Rumors of offers from other clubs for his services circulate regularly, but are always silenced with a few quick words by the Commander.


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