Setting-specific Rules

Below are setting specific rules and information.


Every character may pick and add an origin to his character.

An origin bestows a skill and set of bonus feats that they get to pick as they level up, based on their past, their culture, or their destiny, but also includes a flaw and stigmas (social penalties) related to their origin.

National Origins

If a player wishes to identify themselves as part of a nation, they may chose the national origin of their type.

Occupation Origins

Some people don’t come from a nation, or didn’t identify with them. Instead, they identified with a cause or location.

  • Cutpurse Origin – You used to steal before moving on to adventuring.
  • Enforcer Origin – You bullied people for a cartel, gang, or other group.
  • Mercenary Origin – You were a sword for hire, and your reputation follows you.
  • Merchant Origin – Your parents or siblings went into the family trade. You haven’t. (Yet.)
  • Noble Origin – Your relatives are part of a noble, wealthy, or influential house.
  • Slave Origin – You were a slave until recently freed from bondage.
  • Survivor Origin – You just scraped by, doing whatever you could.


Below are additional feats added to After the Fall.

General Feats

Spell Retention – Cast a chosen spell slowly to not use it.
Spell Retention, Greater – Cast a chosen spell without forgetting it faster.

Adventuring Records

The Seekers love their record keeping!
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Setting-specific Rules

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