Alignment CN
Population 73,000 persons (78% elf, 11% half elf, 5% halfling, 2% human, 4% other)
Major Settlements Yohn’sali, Rholin’Tlal, Silivan, Wahal
Leadership Timeless Ones

Greens Breathes.
Saying of the Sithil’Vas

Long has the elves of the Sithil’Vas (roughly translated as ‘The Green Expanse’) fought to maintain their lands from meddling by other races. Once, their territory was threatened on all sides by the ever expanding human, hobgoblin, and dwarven nations. Of all the peoples of Ahnyir, the Fall benefitted the Sithal’Vas the most. Already adept at living with nature and ever changing conditions, these elves welcomed—if not embraced—the ever changing Fallow, harnessing it to maintain their society.


Long have the tribes of the Green Expanse lived with nature. From the fields to the forests, wandering and seeking excitement and adventure in the great outdoors dominated their lives. Often traveling with (or following) large packs of beasts, the Sithil’Vas never hesitated to use the gifts of the land. Due to limited time for formal study, they valued sorcerous power and drawing from the power of nature to meet their needs. In return for that power, many of these elves dedicated themselves to protecting its destruction from other races. Unfortunately as the Fall approached, they had failed miserably: most of the land that once belonged to their tribes had been corrupted or otherwise defiled by outsiders.

When the Fall occurred, the tribes protected themselves by drawing upon the power of nature to shield them. When they emerged from their sanctuaries, they found almost no sign of the former despoilers of their land, and set out to reclaim it. In the last several hundred years since the Fall, the Sithil’Vas have spread far, claiming large swaths of the Fallow as their own.

Present Day


After the Fall Glav