The Accord

The Fall almost wiped out higher life on Ahnyir. Of the precious few who persisted, most perished from never ending waves of demon attacks. Driven mad by torture, shredded by demon lords, or enslaved and worked to death awaited most others. The luckiest of all founded the existing civilizations…alone.

So very alone.

As the people of Aglenon traveled the world, they stumbled upon one, then two, then more of these ailing cultures, each holding off their pursuers. They traded, but kept strict policies of isolation with these other civilizations. In 67 AF, They encountered for the first time the Aesthenians. Unlike other civilizations at the time, the Aesthenians had a power unlike any they had ever seen before. Worse, the Aesthenians barred (first by word, then by force!) any entry to their lands, preventing them from furthering their research. After many repeated failures to pass into Aesthenian airspace (the entire nation evicted with memories erased) The Four then spent months convincing one of the Divyin to meet to present a solution: the Aglenian Accord.

The accord offers several benefits and agreements in exchange for important concessions. A signatory of the accord agrees to take no aggressive actions versus other signatories. Any signatory that makes aggressive acts towards another will be considered an adversary of all signatories. All signatories agree to come to the aid of versus any signatory’s adversary. In exchange for these concessions, Aglenon provides free space for the government of each signatory on one of the Sky Fleet’s islands (according to their estimated power and influence), permit people from of those States to travel (at a fair price) on the Fleet, and to have the nation on the Schedule of Courses. Further, all signatories agree to allow citizens from other signatories into their territory, within reason.

The Aglenian Accord created the current relative peace between the surviving cultures. Since Aglenian law (and the laws of several other nations) permits no other way for a non-native to live or even travel on the islands or enter territory, violating the agreement would severely cut available routes of trade. Only members of The Accord retain a place on the Schedule of Courses. Almost all news of the world, for most, comes from these visits. Aglenian wizards send even the toughest of demon lords for cover when their full might shapes into focus. ¬†For most people in the Accorded Nations, not having their backing is unthinkable. For the people of Aglenon, not having access to these nations is equally unthinkable. The Accord solves both group’s needs.

The Accord

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