God(s): Hilth
Worshipers: 1200
Beliefs: Freedom and Prosperity
Domains: Animal, Community, Glory, Travel

Tudines—Shell Worshipers—believe that Hilth is a manifestation of raw primal energy placed on Ahnyir by good deities as a way to spread positive thinking and good energy. Their religious garb is easy to spot: they drape green-painted wooden shells over their backs with beak-shaped hoods. Clerics of the religion spend their days extolling the virtues of living well and free. The Tudine clergy has little structure. Groups form and dissolve as challenges appear, and rarely stay together longer than a single leg of travel.

Tudines will accept any challenge, and gratefully acknowledge their victory or their victors at the end. They believe it is the act of competing and trying that is important, not the final outcome—having an obstacle is the goal in of itself.

Tudines believe it’s possible to communicate with Hilth – they believe he understands anything they say. The great challenge in their eyes is two fold: first, to understand what Hilth is saying back, and two, successfully persuade Hilth of something. If they can do the first, then then any attempt at the second can be verified.


After the Fall Glav